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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is friday, june 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an unprecedented challenge against president obama's serious strategy. more than 50 u.s. diplomats call for military strikes against president assad's regime. new video shows orlando shooting victims hiding in fear in a bathroom. a survivor shares his tense moments in front of the gunman. and only on "cbs this morning," the controversial plan by the popular driving app waze to allow drivers to steer clear of high-crime neighborhoods. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there was a guy choking on his own blood. we wanted water.
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we were trying to comfort him. new details about the orlando shooter's wife -- >> the couple was apparently texting one another during the rampage. >> those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon. >> he's blaming guns, and i'm going save your second amendment, folks. >> president obama's strategy in syria coming under fire. >> a cable signed by 51 mostly midlevel diplomats urges air strikes against the bashar al assad regime. >> iraqi troops recapturing a building in central fallujah from isis. cia director john brennan saying we have not been able to stop isis from growing. >> our efforts have not released the group's terrorism capability and global reach. britain is mourning the loss of jo cox, member of parliament shot and killed. >> we've lost a great star. wildfires forcing the evacuation of thousands across
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southern california, new mexico, and arizona. >> terrifying really. singer meat loaf is hospitalized in canada after collapsing during a show in edmonton. >> all that -- this dude with the one-handed grab of the foul ball with a little girl. fantastic. how about this -- give me that souvenir! a wire-to-wire victory for the cavs. >> all that matter -- >> today is the one-year anniversary of donald trump's announcement that he would run for president. it's hard to believe that it was only one year ago that democrats were worried about jeb bush. >> on "cbs this morning." >> simply times. >> oprah has endorsed hillary clinton for president. [ applause ] >> yeah. yeah. when asked about hillary's chances of becoming the most powerful woman in the world, oprah said, "oh, i'm not stepping down."
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welcome to "cbs this morning." the president obama administration faces an unprecedented challenge to his foreign policy from within. 51 career diplomats from across the state department signed an internal memo calling for new military action in syria. it's sharply critical of the administration. >> multiple sources say secretary of state john kerry has also urged the president to do more. this morning, kerry says he has not seen the memo. according to his spokesman, he's been briefed and calls it an important state. margaret brennan with more from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. it is rare to see dozens of american diplomat formally object to u.s. policy. after five years of brutal war, some within the obama administration have had enough and are calling for action.
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with an estimated 500,000 dead in syria and thousands of refugees fleeing for their lives, dozens of american diplomats called for a radical change. the 51 state department officials who signed the classified internal memo argue that the u.s. should destroy syrian dictator bashar al assad's military might. the diplomats told cbs news that assad has faced no consequence for his brutality, continuing to ignore assad while fighting isis is dragging out the five-year war, and they believe is creating new extremists. president obama has long been hesitant to intervene in another mideast war. in 2012, he threatened military action if assad used chemical weapons. >> we have communicate d with every player in the region that that's a red line for us. >> reporter: but backed off when
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assad killed more than a thousand people with an attack outside damascus a year later. isis has thrived inside the war zone. while mr. obama has committed teams of special operators to target isis leaders, he told charlie rose that u.s. military involvement would be sharply limited. >> that does not mean that we should be deploying troops everywhere where a crisis is taking place. we have to be judicious about how we use military power. >> reporter: on thursday, senator john mccain blamed president obama's policies in iraq and syria for the isis-inspired attack in orlando. >> he pulled everybody out of iraq, and i predicted at the time that isis would go unchecked, and there would be attacks on the united states of america. so he is directly responsible. >> reporter: mccain later said in a statement he doesn't hold president obama personally responsible for orlando. gayle, what is really remarkable about this state department memo is that it was written by
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politically neutral diplomats, and they really hope that the white house doesn't dismiss this in the midst of a political campaign. the state department has to respond in 30 to 60 days. air strikes targeted u.s. trained rebels inside syria. the attacks in the southern part of the country hit forces who have received u.s. military support. they were equipped to fight isis. russia's military has been backing the assad regime. a center u.s. defense official says the strikes raised serious concerns about russia's intentions in syria. >> cia director brennan is offering a new take on the strength of isis that appears to contradict the president. brennan told the senate intelligence committee yesterday that u.s. efforts "have not reduced the group's terrorism capabili capability," and he cautioned there could be new attacks here at home. >> the group is probably exploring a variety of means for
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infiltrating operatives into the west including in refugee flows, smuggling routes, and legitimate methods of travel. >> president obama recently touted gains in the fight. brennan also said the agency has been unable to find any isis link with the orlando gunman, omar mateen. we're following breaking news from the front lines of the fight against isis. iraq's military says its forces have retaken a cue government complex in the center of fallujah. iraqi troops have been battling for nearly four weeks for control of the city west of baghdad. libya palmer is following -- elizabeth palmer is following the latest from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're waiting for more detail on the iraqi orem's overall progress. this push to the center happened very early this morning about 6:00 local time. taking that government compound is certainly a big symbolic victory for the iraqi army. of course, the latest in a whole series of high-profile defeats
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for isis. it comes after, as you mentioned, almost a month of heavy fighting with the iraqi forces making slow progress through the countryside and villages surrounding the city itself backed by american air strikes. fallujah was the first iraqi city that isis took, and it's being con -- been consolidating its hold this for more than two years. the battle to bring it under government control has been fierce. the push for the center was no exception. may be that the isis fighters that had been there are escaping or escaped hiding among fleeing refugees, or perhaps they've withdrawn to areas outside the city center where the battle is continuing. an officer with the baghdad command center told us a little while ago that the iraqi army is now in control of roughly half of fallujah city, and that the remaining isis defensive lines are in disarray. gayle? >> thank you very much. the orlando terror attack
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investigation is looking closer at the gunman's wife. sources tell cbs news that noor salman was communicating with omar mateen during the shootings, and there is evidence that he may have done some of the planning with her. salman is cooperating with investigators, but she could face charges herself. we also know that one of the gun stores mateen visited before the attack tried to warn the fbi. jeff pegues is tracking that part of the investigation. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators continue to examine forensic evidence and the digital trail of the killer and his wife. still no signs that plans for this mass shooting came from overseas. the theory continues to be that he was inspired to kill, and the focus for a motive is stretching back years into his troubled past. law enforcement sources confirm that mateen and his wife were texting as he carried out the attack. the words "i love you" were exchanged. investigators are still trying to determine the extent of his wife's involvement. sources say she purchased
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ammunition with him and believed she was in the car with him when he cased the pulse nightclub. there was evidence he had been planning the attack for weeks. >> we're doing what every gun shop in the united states should do. >> reporter: gun storeowner robert able says mateen tried to buy body armor and up to 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the weeks before the shooting. able says the store didn't sell to mateen and flagged the incident to the fbi. >> the start of the eyebrow drawn up was the request of the body armor. when he pulled away, he immediately came back and wanted bulk ammo. >> reporter: the video was not preserved, and didn't get his name. investigators are uncovering other new details about mateen's actions during the rampage. [ gunfire ] according to sources, mateen was active on social media searching for pulse orlando and shooting on facebook. perhaps to see if the massacre was trending on line. he also made calls to 911 and to
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a television station about the ongoing shooting. [ gunfire ] at around 5:00 a.m., the s.w.a.t. team reached the club, about three hours -- breached the club, about three hours after the shooting. >> a misconception that we were waiting three hours. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team captain mark cante was asked why they wait. >> during the entire time officers were rescuing people, try to get people out. we got a lot of people out before the last breach. >> reporter: mateen was a troubled child. school records show he was suspended for 48 days in high school. in an application for a criminal justice program in college, he admit that he was arrested and the subject of a criminal investigation. in 2007, mateen was dismissed from a job at the florida department of corrections. it's not clear why. president obama and vice president biden met with victims' families in orlando yesterday. they laid 49 white roses at a
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memorial, one for each of the dead. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents, and they asked why does this keep happening. they pleaded that we do more to stop the carnage. they don't care about the politics. neither do i. >> a newly revealed video shows some of the horrors inside the pulse nightclub. cbs news obtained the chilling cell phone video that shows hostages huddled inside a restroom stall among the dead and dying. they wait about four hours to be -- waited about four hours to be freed. some seen in the video did not survive the attack. jamie yuccas is outside the dr. phillip center for the performing arts at the memorial for those who died. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. many of the 49 victims who are being remembered here at this memorial had sought safety in
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the nightclub's bathrooms. with no window and only one way out, the stalls became deathtraps when the gunman barged in. >> it was like 17 of us in there and only five of us made it out. >> reporter: worried the shooter would come back to finish them off, these survivors did their best to keep quiet and help those who were gravely injured. >> there was a guy, he was choking on his own blood. he wanted water so bad. we were trying to comfort him as much as we could. >> reporter: miguel leiva recorded videos and sent him to his girlfriend hoping she would stop calling. >> everybody whose phone was ringing, any noise he heard, he was going that direction and shooting and killing people. i didn't see his face. i just remember seeing the sparks coming from the front of the muzzle of the gun. but it sounded like he was having -- enjoying himself. he didn't care at all. >> reporter: in another bathroom, club promoter orlando torres hid on top of a toilet
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when omar mateen walked in. >> that's when he started pop, pop, pop, pop, pow, and shooting at the people in the other stall. they were screaming. >> reporter: torres said mateen returned a few minutes later, and his gun apparently jammed. >> nobody made a move because i think everybody was still didn't have the strength in their legs to run out and tackle him. >> reporter: as police surrounded the club, torres says an injured man crawled into a stall causing him to fall off the toilet and on to the floor. his back was to the killer. >> i felt a nudge on my left hip, and i did not -- i did not move. i just laid there as if i was dead. >> reporter: leiva, who had been shot in the foot, says a 911 operator connected his group with a police hostage negotiator outside the nightclub. >> we followed their instructions to the t, and we just stayed focused and tried not to panic. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: they were finally freed after the s.w.a.t. team broke through the bathroom walls.
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>> i was helping them carry the guy we were trying to keep alive. that's when the gunman came from behind us and started shooting at the s.w.a.t. again. that's when i got shot in the leg, and that's when the police killed him. >> reporter: leiva says he is a cancer survivor, and in this case he was only just released from the hospital on wednesday. he says he's uninsured. with months of therapy and rehab ahead, he did start a gofundme page to pay for medical bills and living expenses, gayle. >> details are just terrifying. thank you very much. the senate is likely to vote in coming weeks on tighter gun laws. a filibuster lasted nearly 15 hours. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell called it a campaign talk that-a-thon. the democrats say the gun-control plans would interfere with the constitutional right to bear arms. egyptian investigators this morning say they have retrieved the second black box recorder
7:16 am
from egyptair flight 804. the device shows why the plane's computer -- what the plane's computers recorded in the moments it crashed in the mediterranean sea. crews already recovered the first black box which taped conversations in the cockpit. the killing of a british lawmaker has led to a worldwide outpouring of grief. jo cox was killed in her district in england. her mother said she believed in a better world and fought for it every day. the killing came a week before a divisive vote on whether european should -- whether britain should leave the european union. >> reporter: good morning, jo cox devoted her life to public service. she was brutaled attack doing what friends and fame said she loved most -- connecting with her community. a purse and pair of shoes were all that was left in the middle of the street where jo dock -- jo cox was brutally attacked.
7:17 am
the gunman, tommy mair, had a gun and knife. witnesses said he rushed cox saying "britain first," the name of the anti-immigrant right wing party. other witnesses said cox got caught in a fight between mair and another man. >> i saw him pulling the gun and went like that. fired one shot. >> reporter: her murder comes on the homestretch of a bitter referendum campaign over whether britain should remain in the european union. elected to parliament last year, cox was an outspoken advocate for refugees. >> these children have been exposed to things no child should ever witness. and i know i personally would risk life and limb to get my two precious babies out of that hell hole. >> reporter: by the river thames, a memorial grew around the houseboat cox lived in with her husband and two young children. police are not saying anything about a possible motive. on thursday, an american nonprofit that tracks hate
7:18 am
groups reported mair supported a neo-nazi organization in the u.s. and purchased a manual on how to make guns and explosives in 1999. mair's brother said he had a history of mental illness. cox's husband brendan believes she was targeted for her politics. "we must all unite," he wrote, "to fight the hate thread killed her." and the killing shocked the nation which has some of the toughest gun regulations in the world. semiautomatic weapons were entirely banned in the u.k. in 1997, just one year after 16 children were killed. to put this in perspective, it's believed there are about seven guns for every 100 people here in the u.k. staggering numbers, though, when you look at the u.s. -- 101 to 100 people. >> thanks, jonathan. wildfires in the west this morning are spreading fast. possible record heat is in the forecast. the fire near santa barbara has
7:19 am
burned at least 1,400 acres. the windswept flames forced a major california freeway to close overnight. people in nearly 400 homes and businesses were asked to evacuate. and the doghead fire outside albuquerque, new mexico, has destroyed more than 20 buildings. some areas there could see temperatures as high as 120 degrees by monday. firefighters are struggling to contain both fires. critics question if disney world knew of problem with alligators at its resort. ahead, visitors share stories of past encounters with gators as the park makes changes following the death of a
7:20 am
gold medal dreams on the line for an olympic superpower. >> the crucial decision about a doping scandal that could sideline russian athletes from the rio games. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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only on "cbs this morning," a big change coming to the waze driving app. controversy over another feature that could be down the road. monday, best-selling author ellen hildebrand returns to
7:26 am
studio 57. live, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm brooke thomas. one, 16 year old in critical condition, another is hospitalized after they were both hurt in a hit-and-run on north broad street. police track down this red sport car and the driver is in custody accused of dui. the boys were allegedly hit by the car while riding on bike near broad and wallace street just before 2:00 this morning. right now, let's get check on the eyewitness forecast, with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> right now things looking peg i trans will the further north you travel, still hint of residual weather. but unless you're in the southern counties, kent, sussex, delaware, southern most county the only spot you're fielding any showers. >> this live look outside pleasant valley middle and high school, little fog starting to lift out now. the moisture content starting to diminish. so it will start to feel less
7:27 am
and less humid with time. there may still and spotty shower here and there. the key word is spotty. and the weekends, meisha, it is still looks just perfect. >> it couldn't look any better. all right, katie, thank you so much for that. good morning, everyone, we had disable vehicle, now clear, we can still see the penndot truck right there, pulled off to the shoulder, 202 southbound past king of prussia near valley road. overall looking good there. also this is disable vehicle cleared near the king of prussia. this is look at delaware county 95 northbound at 452 looking good there, looking real quiet. overall looking quiet. brooks, over to you. >> next update 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, is one of the top traffic adding to your travel
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throws to smooth. smooth allie oops to james! wow. >> wow, nba final heading to a decisive game seven after the cleveland cavaliers tied the series. lebron james and the cavaliers dismantled the golden state warriors yesterday 115-101. james dropped 41 points. >> say it again -- >> 41, for the second time. >> they don't call him king james for nothing. it was not a great night for the reigning mvp, steph curry. the warrior was evected for the first time in his career after throwing his mouthguard into the stands in frustration, his wife reacted on twitter saying, this is rigged for money or rate, i'm not sure which. she deleted the tweet saying she wrote it in the heat of the
7:31 am
moment. it has to be hard when you love your husband as much as she does and think he's being treated unfairly. >> i missed the game. why did she think it was rigged? were there calls? >> one, he stole the ball, and they called a foul. people didn't think that particular time was fair -- >> there were questionable calls, i thought, too. she deleted it. you wanted game seven. >> we got it. he did not have a great game. >> yeah, but game seven's coming, and they'll be at home. we shall see. >> are you predicting? >> listen, but the cleveland cavaliers have momentum, but you're at home with the warriors, it's going to be a good game. >> hard to win four games in a row against the warriors. >> it's going to be a good game. welcome back to "cbs this morning" on. sunday night, by the way. coming up, a vote this summer could reshape the olympic games. russia faces track and field ban over a doping scandal. the allegations of cheating could put olympic glory out of russia's reach. only on attorn"cbs this mor
7:32 am
the waze app taking a detour. see why the mapping technology used by commuters to get around quicker could be slowing thing down. concerns over how waze could steer you out of high-crime neighborhood ahead. time show some of the headlines -- "the post and couri courier" of charleston, south carolina, is honoring the nine victims of the emanuel ame church shootings. today is the first anniversary of the massacre. the paper's publishing readers' thoughts about how the tragedytranged their lives and the life of the city. one wrote, "the heritage of hate is very real, but a community can be redeemed." the suspect, dylann roof, faces death penalty trials in state and federal courts. the "washington post" says the number of cia drone strike has plummeted. the agency is on pace for the fewest strikes since 2007. that's after the white house shifted responsibility to the pentagon for lethal counterterrorism operations. the move is to create greater transparency.
7:33 am
officials at the cia and white house declined to comment. "the edmonton journal" reports on meat loaf's collapsing on stage. he was performing in edmonton last night when he dropped to the floor mid song. the 60-year-old's hospitalized in good condition. meat loaf had canceled two other concerts in the past week complaining of illness. "the orlando sentinel" says disney world will post signs to warn visitors about alligators. the move comes after a gator attacked and killed a 2-year-old at the disney resort. critics question how much disney knew about the presence of gators. mark strassman is in lake buena vista, florida, to show us more visitors' run-ins with the reptiles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wildlife officials still don't know whether they've caught the alligator responsible for killing this little boy. autopsy results show he drowned and had traumatic injuries. 2-year-old lane graves was the
7:34 am
first guest ever killed by an alligator at disney world. the predators have long lurked in resort water. this unverified social media post from 2009 purportedly shows an alligator near a disney ride. >> i thought, this is disney, it's safe. there's no way they'd be stupid enough to have alligators here. >> reporter: san diego lawyer david hiden was vacationing with his family in april of 2015. two alligators chased his 5-year-old son. >> i saw something rapidly coming on him like a submarine. i went, oh, my god, that's an alligator. boom, i reacted and grabbed him. thank god. >> reporter: the family was staying at disney's coronado springs resort, located 3.5 miles from the grand floridian resort and spa where graves was killed. hiden said he warned a hotel manager. he even showed her this photo he took of one of the gators.
7:35 am
>> the response i just couldn't believe it -- it was, those are resident pets, and we've known about them for years. >> reporter: there are no signs warn being alligators in the spot -- warning about alligators in the spot where lane graves died. a massachusetts mom posted these photos of her own son which she claims were in the same area threats than an hour earlier -- less than an hour earlier. disney said it was "conducting a swift review of the procedures including the number, placement, and warning of our signage and warnings." critic wonder why the review took so long. >> there was an alligator submerged under the water. >> reporter: paulssistant maria was attack -- paul santa maria was attacked by an alligator at disney world in 1986, when he was just 8 years old. >> it came out of the water and hit me and knocked me to the ground. it started -- swung me around, trying to pull me into the water. >> reporter: in a statement, the parents of lane graves said, "words cannot describe the shock and grief our family is
7:36 am
experiencing over the loss of our son." norah, any parent could relate. >> absolutely right. >> any parent or anybody with a beating heart can relate. still so hard to think what that family is going through. that both parents were there, and there was nothing they could do. >> nothing they could do. >> now you know this could happen. you've got to be very careful. there's going to be a vote today that will determine if russian athletes will be allowed to compete this summer in the rio olympics. an international group is considering whether to keep a provisional ban on russia's track and field team. in november they were suspended from competition over allegations of widespread doping that involved coaches and government officials. holly williams is in vienna where the crucial vote will take place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. russia's desire to win at all costs led to a culture of cheating. that was the finding of an independent investigation in november. russia wants its ban lifted, but a new report found evidence that the country has not changed its
7:37 am
ways. the london olympic games were sabotaged by russian athletes who shouldn't have been competing, according to the world anti-doping agency. it took years of mounting evidence before the agency finally acted. helmut baldis is general secretary of the austrian athletics federation. isn't it incredible that this was allowed to go on for so long and nobody did anything about it? nobody investigated? >> yeah, incredible. the good thing is that now things are changing, and we hope that we can start a new era of fair play and anti-doping worldwide. >> reporter: that may be an overnight statement because russia seems to be up to its old tricks. this week's report finds that since the ban was imposed, russian athletes appear to be dodging drug tests with over 700 athletes declining or canceling
7:38 am
tests. armed russian state security officers intimidating testers, and 52 russian athletes turning up a banned substance. russia claims it's been victimized, and its t's campaigning for its athletes to be allowed to compete at the rio olympic. the former head of russia's anti-doping lab has now apparently come clean saying russian officials switched up to 100 tainted urine samples with clean ones at the sochi winter olympics where russia topped the medal tally. a november report also alleges corruption within the international association of athletics federations itself. prosecutors say its former head accepted more than a million dollars in bribes to cover up russian doping. the problem, according to one point of view, is that some world sporting bodies have no interest in properly investigating doping allegations
7:39 am
because it damages the business of sports. that's why russia was able to get away with this for so long. gayle? >> thank you very much, holly williams in vienna. only on "cbs this morning," how the waze app plans to keep drivers away from riskier traffic. if you're heading out, you don't have to leave us behind. watch us live through the cbs all hi all-access app on your digital device. you don't want to miss tony hale from veep. he's just arrived in the toyota green room. hello. we'll be right back.
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now a story you're seeing only on "cbs this morning." i love whether we can say that. waze, the smartphone app used by more than 50 million drivers, may actually make commutes a little longer today all in the name of safety. in the future, waze may also introduce a feature to warn drivers about routes that go through high-crime neighborhoods. before that, new orleans will be one of the first cities where
7:44 am
users could see a longer commute. kris van cleave is there and joins us this morning. hello to you, kris van cleave. >> reporter: good morning. now the app makers say this is all about safety. starting today, millions of drivers are going to see their waze to work different. it will happen first in los angeles, and then in new orleans. the app maker will minimize intersections like the ones we're coming up on. there's no stoplight here, and we'll be asked to cross six lanes of oncoming traffic. >> you feel nervous. >> reporter: this is what some waze users call a suicide straight. it's when the app directs drivers across multiple line of heavy traffic. another concern for some, when it suggests a left turn through that same multi-lane traffic without a light. waze's amber kirby says not anymore. starting first in los angeles, the app may sacrifice a little time for safety. when we drove with the new feature, it had us turn left on a lightly trafficked side street
7:45 am
across the busy santa monica boulevard, sending us to a stop sign and less stressful right turn. do you have a sense for what this will do to people's commute? how much longer it will make my drive to work? >> if are you commuting 40 minutes to an hour, maybe it adds a couple minutes here and there. >> reporter: do you worry that some people will say, but you're supposed to save me time, and you're costing me two minutes? >> they can opt to turn it off door they can make the turn anyway. waze will re-route you. >> reporter: that's one of several change the team is considering. in brazil, an elderly woman was entered after entering an incorrect address and was rousted into a neighborhood known for gang violence. the company is working on what could be a controversial next step -- a new feature in the country to notify drivers about routes in high-crime areas. >> we're working with the government. we're working with local community groups who are able to identify which neighborhood have
7:46 am
safety issues. >> reporter: julie mossler is head of brand at waze. how do you do that in a community? >> sometimes it's a choice of words, dangerous is sort of a judgment weather as high crime is factual. >> reporter: she said it would use crime data verified by a third party. >> reporting traffic jam -- >> reporter: and could be supported by data collected by app users including accidents and police presence. >> crime data is notoriously unreliable. >> reporter: e-zekial edwards from the american civil liberties union. >> people would use data of where not to drive, with whom to engage, where to spend money or not to spend moneys, and to further perpetuate inequality among neighborhoods as a result. >> reporter: do you think that's a risky move? >> there's a risk in not doing anything, so we don't have a choice. of course there's a risk if you don't handle it correctly. that's why it's got to be done with deep sensitivity. i think we've that so far.
7:47 am
>> reporter: that crime filter could be ready by the brazil olympic, but there's no timeline for when it might come to the u.s. as for the difficult intersections, it's in new orleans today, but it could be in los angeles, boston, and d.c. by the end of the year. >> all right. good to know. a stranger's split-second decision to get involved put himself in harm's way. ahead, the brave act that probably saved a
7:48 am
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now i finally feel understood. experience more stories at dramatic witness video captured a northern california man's heroism when he pulled a driver from a smoking car. he then dragged the nearly unconscious man across the parking lot to safety in cupertino. moments later the car burst into
7:52 am
flames. firefighters arrived shortly after. the santa clara county sheriff said the man's quick actions likely saved the driver's life. >> that's what you call a good samaritan. right place at the right time to help. >> and timely. >> for sure. siri, you know siri, she changed the way we think of our smartphones. one of the inventors is in the green room. we'll be right back. (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq. that's myr-be-triq, the first and only treatment... its class for oab symptoms of urgency... ...frequency, and leakage. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase blood pressure. tell your doctor right away if you have trouble emptying your bladder, or have a weak urine stream. myrbetriq may cause serious allergic reactions. if you experience... ...swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue or difficulty
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good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. memorial service today in medford burlington county will remember singer christina grimmie. there is viewing this afternoon at fellowship alliance chapel, christina's memorial service at 8:00. the 22 year over evesham township native shot and killed while signing autographs last friday in florida now, checking the forecast with katie. good morning. >> good morning, still watching a transition take place here, where our area of low pressure from yesterday brought in the rain, that is now starting to retreat off to the south. and still leaving behind some additional showers, all pretty light for the most part, as this all sort of pulls its moisture away from the area. there may, how much, still be even lingering left over spotty, key word, spotty shower that fires up across the northern tier of our region before it is all said and done. but the general theme is that
7:57 am
we are seeing clouds break for some sun, humidity starting to drop, and it all bodes well for what prompts us to be just stellar weekends, and monday not bad either, as we kick start the season of summer. >> so beautiful for fathers day, thanks, looking outside right now, admiral wilson boulevard eastbound, still construction two, right lanes still block, and it is certainly starting to heat up, right now, also, pull your attention is to this, this accident, business route 30, lincoln avenue, first avenue, intersection was block, this is where serious accident involving police officer took place, sounds like that's just cleared. overturned tractor-trailer new jersey turnpike, nicole, over to you. >> meisha, a next update 8:25, coming up on cbs this morning, i am ovator who brought us siri has new
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it is friday, june 17th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including president obama facing foreign policy pushback from inside his own administration. we'll ask margaret brennan about the unprecedented criticism. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> it is rare to see dozens of american diplomats formally object to u.s. policy. >> taking that government compound is certainly a symbolic victory for the iraqi army after almost a month of heavy fighting. investigators continue to examine forensic evidence and the digital trail of the killer and his wife. . >> many of the 49 victims being remembered at that memorial had sought safety in the nightclub's bathrooms. jo cox devoted her life to
8:01 am
public service. she was brutally attacked yesterday doing what friends and family said she loved most. wildlife officials still don't know whether they've caught the alligator responsible. autopsy results show he drowned. >> reporter: desire to win at all costs led to a culture of cheating. that was the finding of an independent investigation. millions of drivers are going to see their waze to work first in los angeles and soon here in new orleans. it's reported that officials have recently approved a higher event for the white house. when asked how tall they wanted it, hillary said,um, 5'8", 5'9", i don't know. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. there will be more funerals in orlando today and over the weekend for the deadly shooting in the -- deadliest shooting in the united states history. the gunman searched facebook for pulse orlando and shooting during his rampage. there's new evidence -- >> that the shooter had been
8:02 am
planning the attack for some time. a gun storeowner says mateen came in weeks ago and tried to buy body armor and ammunition. the owner says the store didn't sell it to him because of his behavior, and then they told the fbi. the video of the incident was not preserved, and the store did not get his name. an unprecedented challenge to the president's foreign policy. 51 career diplomats from the state department signed a memo sharply critical of the administration's syria policy. the document is classified. diplomats behind the letter tell cbs news it was written because of what they call five years of failed policy. they say syrian president bashar al assad has faced absolutely no consequences for his actions in syria even though he is the greatest source of violence. in april, charlie spoke to the president about the crisis. >> what circumstances would compel you in a sense to say history will judge very harshly if we don't because of who we are, the united states of america, to do something about a
8:03 am
situation that is destroying a range of -- of creating a range of problems? destruction of a nation, refugees that are causing huge problems around the world? men and women and children being killed in a devastating way, all of that, what's the test for you when you want to use american force? >> i don't think -- those are two separate questions. we are always prepared to use force. unilaterally if need be, to protect the american people. you're asking a narrow question which is where should we be willing to intervene militarily because we have a duty to protect other people, because thing are getting chaotic and we need to impose order. my approach is not to say that we have some perfect test that we can apply. each situation is different. the cost and the benefit of our
8:04 am
intervention are going to be different each and every time. i think what we can say is that wherever possible we should first and foremost try to get other countries to work with us to see if we can solve the problem, where the costs of our intervention are manageable and the benefits are potentially high, then i think it makes sense. >> margaret brennan is at the white house. good morning. i know you have spoken with some of the signatories. are there any specific policy recommendations that they are making? >> reporter: really this is an ppeal for a policy review. what the argument is here is that the u.s. has very little leverage to broker a peaceful end to the syrian war as long as assad is allowed to continue bombing civilians and bombing the u.s.-backed rebels. without stopping that, there's no way to get to the negotiating
8:05 am
table which is president obama's stated goal. this is an unprecedentedly high number of diplomats formally lodging a complaint saying this policy is wrong-headed. >> as jeff goldberg reported in "the atlantic" magazine after his long interviews with president obama, secretary kerry has always pushed for more than the president was willing to undertake. where is john kerry? >> reporter: secretary kerry privately in his recommendations to the president has been pro more aggressive approach in syria. the president has been clear that that is just not something he is going to consider here. secretary kerry publicly supports the administration's point of view and today said that this letter of dissent is something he views as important given particularly the high number. more diplomats than ever formally protesting a policy. with seven months left in office, it's not clear that this will make a difference. the diplomats who wrote it
8:06 am
really hope that what they are saying and arguing here isn't going to be lost in the noise of a political campaign. >> and what's the position of the military establishment? >> reporter: that's an interesting question because you get a lot of debate there, as well, as to the types of limited u.s. military action that would make a difference. and you certainly do not have anyone putting forth a proposal to stage an invasion of syria, something that the president often discusses. so there are some mixed opinions even within the pentagon, but there is definitely the view that if u.s. forces are asked, they are more than capable of taking out the threat from assad's air forces. the concern, of course, now is you also have russia backing up syria, and that makes it much more challenging. >> great reporting. thank you very much. and he helped create siri. tech pioneer doug kitlos is in studio 57 with his latest mission. he wants to take artificial intelligence to a new level so
8:07 am
8:08 am
just in time for next month's political conventions, veep co-star tony hale will be here. we'll see how he learned to play julia louis-dreyfus' right-hand manned. he's hilarious and why he can talk like a washington insider, ahead. my man friend that i've been syour man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you. what's gonna happen if he doesn't?
8:09 am
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alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool.
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it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer as technology is spreading on smartphones and devices like echo, silicon valley is taking note of a less mainstream product. it comes from two of the men who dreamed up siri before it was bought by apple. viv is a new generation of virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence. creators believe that they are "radically simplifying the world by providing an intelligent interface to everything." dag kittlaus was the co-founder
8:13 am
and ceo of siri and now viv. pleased to have you here. >> thank you. good morning. >> explain to us why viv is an advancement in using artificial intelligence to create virtual assistance. >> so, at its essence, most of the assistance that we use do a few dozen things. we want to open the system up and let developers build hundreds and thousands of times the number of capabilities. really it's like an opening up of the system and letting the world teach it. we think when you go from a few dozen to a thousand different thing to do, it becomes a much more important part of your life. >> do you think that siri wasn't doing something, you thought i'm going to come up with viv because she'll -- she is a she in my opinion -- because she'll be better? >> i think apple has done a great job with siri. this is a different approach. it requires a completely new platform to enable. and it's -- it allows the world to sort of unleash -- >> why is it a different
8:14 am
approach? what platform is different? >> so what's different about it is that anyone can teach it. so in siri, apple folks can teach it what to do, and i think they're making some new moves to allow more openness on that side. most of these platforms are very closed. so the watson program that beat "jeopardy," that was trained very much so to play that game. this system, anyone can come in and add new capabilities on the fly. it has to know its own capabilities while thousands of different developers are adding new things all the time. >> can you see what she does? >> yeah. absolutely. the first thing people notice is that it's something we call conversational commerce. i'll show you a few examples of how just talking to things can make buying and, you know, doing things a lot easier. >> okay. >> a few examples would be -- get me a window seat on a
8:15 am
one-way nonstop flight from jfk to san francisco three days from saturday. >> wow. >> obviously the flights are the easiest thing in the world do. but boy, isn't it much easier when you can say it? >> can she say what's the weather? are they all complicated? that's very detailed. >> let me give you a few ideas. something like send marco $20 for drinks last night. it knows the service call -- venmo will quickly -- that simple he's got his money. >> we know it could make airline reservations and can send money to marco. what else? >> yes. one more example. when is animal collective playing in new york? that's a band, by the way. okay, we see quickly the next
8:16 am
date is wednesday in november and ticketmaster pops in, and we're going to find a ticket there. >> tm is ticketmaster. >> how do you see that these virtual assistants will be used to transform or lives the next couple of years? >> i think at the end of the day, you'll be talking to more and more things. as speech recognition gets better, virtual assistants are far more capability, you'll find yourselves using it not just in your phone but your car and house. the number of things you'll use it to do will vastly increase. i think that's the net-net of this. of course that makes life simpler. gives you more time do other things that you don't really want to spend the time doing -- >> there may be somebody at home watching their demonstration and say, they set that up and planned that rather than it being -- showing the real capability of viv. how do you answer that? >> siri misinterprets -- >> they'll get their hands on it
8:17 am
later there year. >> they can see for themselves. i was talking into somebody who knows you well, aka your wife, who says you're a visionary and deep thinker. if i was siri looking at you now, i'd be irritated. >> siri and i still have a close relationship -- >> he created -- >> created siri and now -- >> as the father of siri, he abandoned his child, went to create another child. >> there are no cage matches planned. >> what does siri and viv stand for? >> siri is a norwegian terms that means beautiful woman that leads you to victory. >> and viv? >> viv means life in several languages. the idea is that you're breathing life into inanimate objects and devices of your life by using conversation. >> let me finally get to this -- it's playing off her question. where can all this go? because you believe it can be ubiquitous, and you believe it
8:18 am
will be the means in which we communicate with everything. >> that's right. i think that that -- that is the essence of this all -- >> huge goal. >> we like to shoot high. >> tony hale just said in the green room, dude, you're just fascinating. >> thanks. >> congrats. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. history could help led zeppelin fight claims it stole notes for "stairway to heaven." next a musicologist explains how songs dating backo the 17th century strike similar tones. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:19 am
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8:22 am
led zeppelin guitarist jimmy page faced questioning in a courtroom. the attorney claiming he stole notes to "stairway to heaven," could wrap up the case today. carter evans reports why page says he was only striking a common chord. ♪ >> reporter: led zeppelin's legendary guitarist, jimmy page, said in court thursday his "stairway to heaven" chord progression is a common one. lawyers say it's an original stolen from spirit song "taurus." page said he wasn't sure of the similarities there, but compared "stairway" to a "mary poppins"
8:23 am
song. ♪ chim chimney >> reporter: he testified court sequences are similar because that sequence has -- chord sequences are similar because that sequence has been around forever. >> here's jimmy page -- ♪ and then here's "chim chimin "chim chimineycheree." ♪ >> reporter: he says it's a musical pattern that's centuries's e old like this italian sonata from the 1600s. ♪ >> the real strength of the case is the similarity is real. so that's undeniable. the weakness of the case is that the commonness of the progression is also real. ♪ >> reporter: the late randy california wrote "taurus" in 1967 but never filed suit
8:24 am
against led zeppelin which released "stair way to heaven" four years later. his estate is arguing jimmy page and robert plant had ample opportunity to hear california's song and deliberately copied it. >> led zeppelin is the greatest cover band of all time. they lifted people's music, never gave credit. now, you know, did comes back to haunt them. >> there is a strong similarity. what they have in common is this -- ♪ >> reporter: jurors will now have to decide whether the rif led zeppelin made iconic was original enough to be owned by anybody or just part of the common language of music. >> this actually gets to the heart of musical copyright issues. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. >> they say there's only so many notes. there you go. where will the donations to orlando terror survivors and their families really go? a woman who lost her child in
8:25 am
the newtown mas >> good morning, it is the the ends of an era in delaware county, first wawa ever closed for good a half hour ago. >> i'm smiling, not all the bad, brand new super wawa opens at 9:00 about a half hour from now, half mile from mcdade boulevard. now for the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> got to have our wawa, the super wawa's are awesome. that said, you know, if you are hitting the turnpike here today, maybe headed on down to the shore, we do still have little bit every wet weather, lingering at this point, from yesterday, storm system still
8:26 am
drawing to close, and as it pulls away lingering showers, most notably through southern tear of our area, but we jump you into gorgeous looking weekend and happy fathers day, little early, to all of the dads out there, sunny, gorgeous sunday, and that's not the only day, that's looking fantastic here, as we begin to clear things out, humidity drops off throughout the day today. and, saturday looks awesome, sunday looks great, first day of summer monday, little hotter granted but we keep the sun around, looks like great excuse to head to the pool, meisha. >> great way to ring in the summer, katie, thank you so much. looking outside right now, cars off the road here, route 30 westbound near business route 30 approaching downtown, one lane open, it is moving very slow, trying to get by while crews are out there working so just know that, 95 south at street road, see we have overturned vehicle there, not good at all, but around that area, traffic is actually looking okay. overturned tractor-trailer here new jersey turnpike, southbound off ramp to route 322, one lane is blocked, there, and we go to the wide, 17 on the schuylkill, 29 on the vine, but 50 on interstate
8:27 am
95 in the southbound direction. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha, a next update at 85:00, a ahead this morning, why some your donations to the orlando victims may not make it to this. i'm brooke thomas, good
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating.
8:30 am
this morning as we stand one orlando, we're show something stunning and inspirational sunrise photos from florida on instagram. ft. lauderdale waking up to a beautiful show this morning. i like the clear and radiant sun, i like the word raidiant, in pompano beach. share photos on instagram by using the hash tag #sunrise. beautiful. lavender and pink. very nice. welcome back. coming up, record-breaking crowd funding to help the victims and families of the orlando rampage. but critic say they won't see a penny. see how orlando's mayor is among those working to make sure at that cash reaches those in need. also veep co-star tony hale has made an awkward white house sproip perfect comedy.
8:31 am
-- relationship to perfect comedy. he's in our toyota green room to explain. good morning. we want you to whisper in our ear this morning. >> my pleasure. and why he's teasing fans about an "arrested development" comeback. now headlines. the "washington post" is tracking a risky rescue at the south pole. two small planes heading there to evacuate at least one sick worker from a research base. temperatures fall to minus 76, and there's only a glimmer of winter light. such rescues are rare. this footage is from the first one in 2001. the doctor who was saved then says it's harder to get to than the international space station. the pilots hope to reach the base on sunday. >> "the new york times" reports that microsoft is the first big company to venture into the marijuana business. it is partnering with a startup that makes software for government agencies. the software monitors growers
8:32 am
and distributors to make sure that they follow the regulations. "the seattle times" reports on the u.s. men's soccer team advancing to the semifinals in the copa america tourism. major league soccer posted on instagram with the hash tag #orlandounited. a photo of captain michael bradley. he wore a rainbow captain's armband during the match to pay tribute to the victims of the orlando shooting. the u.s. scored twice against ecuador starting with a huge goal from veteran striker clinton dempsey. he also had an assistant on the second goal. the u.s. will face argentina or venezuela on tuesday. on "usa today," there's a report on "hamilton" star lyn lin-manuel miranda confirming he's leaving the show july 9th. he will be succeeded by longtime alternative javier munoz. he's turning to other projects like completing an album of "hamilton" inspired songs reportedly called "the hamilton
8:33 am
mix tape." a documentary about "hamilton" will air on pbs this fall. >> didn't we know he was leaving? i saw it yesterday. so he officially confirmed it? >> and the date is july 9th. i've heard great things about javier. >> i saw javier, and i thought he was absolutely terrific. >> big shoes to step to. >> i shouldn't say this, but i think i read that he's recovering from cancer. >> yes, it's true. >> it's remarkable -- >> javier is. >> javier is. good for lin-manuel. can't see what he does next. >> certainly wish we could go on july 9th. >> i know. that would be amazing. >> who do we know? yeah. broadway is one of the community stepping up for orlando's gay community. dozens of stars have recorded the new version of "what the world needs now is love." ♪ the single goes on line on monday. all the money will go to the lgbt center of central florida.
8:34 am
great idea. meanwhile, a gofundme effort for the orlando victims crossed the $5 million mark overnight. there are new concerns over how the funds will be used. more than 100 victims from shook and other mass -- sandy hook and other mass killings are demanding that 100% of the money goes direct three orlando victims and their families. david begnaud shows why that may not be so easy. scared what's going to happen. >> reporter: christopher morals sustained several bullet wounds in the nightclub shooting. from his hospital bed, he told cbs news he's worried about money. >> i can't go back to work. so rent and personal stuff, i can't afford. >> reporter: money is pouring in from donors hoping to help. >> we want to have the flexibility to be able to help people where they need it. >> reporter: orlando's mayor, buddy dyer, stands behind the
8:35 am
one orlando fund, which has already raised $6 million. critics worry victims won't see a penny. the fund is run by central florida foundation. as currently set up, the dollars raised will be distributed through a number of organizations. those that provide services to victims and families of the shootings will be prioritized. but the money will not go directly to victims. dyer says he's trying to change. he is pushing to get money from the one orlando fund put directly to the hands of those who need it now. >> we're trying to figure out the legal mechanisms to get aid directly to the victims's families, not just to not for profits that will help down the road. >> i'm sorry that our tragedy here in sandy hook wasn't enough to save your loved ones. >> reporter: melda marquez green lost her daughter, ana, in the sandy hook shooting. she posted an emotional message to the orlando victims on
8:36 am
facebook including a warning -- >> dear friends with generous hearts, please wait to donate until you know for sure that your hard-earned dollars will be received by victims. money came in to sandy hook, but it didn't necessarily go to the victims. we really want to make sure that in orlando that doesn't happen. the needs will be there forever. >> where is the person that needs it, and how do they apply? >> reporter: joe adorno knew five people killed in orlando. he created a gofundme page to directly support two of his friends who were injured, including christopher morales. you want to do something more direct and more immediate. >> yes. >> reporter: for things such as rent. >> yes. >> reporter: and food? >> yes. yes. and what if he does have hospital bills? he was saying i don't know if i'm going to need medical assistance, an in-home nurse. i don't know if i'm going to go back to work right away. i don't know if i still have a job. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," i'm david begnaud. gofundme tells cbs news that all campaigns created by individuals will be identified, verified and vetted before any
8:37 am
funds are released. and florida's attorney general is also investigating more than 100 crowdfunding campaigns that have popped up in the days since the tragedy. >> it has been one hell of a week here in the united states. it's a week when we could all use cheering up. "veep" co-star tony hale is in the toyota green room. he'll help us look beyond the scenes of the show. we're glad you're here. find out how julia louis-dreyfus stops herself l
8:38 am
8:39 am
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congressman yeagher, and this must be mrs. jagr -- >> not his wife. this is one of my staffers, nadia. >> well, would you like a public for your friends and for your family? there we go. >> emmy winner tony hale is a co-star of "veep." the show in its fifth season. he plays gary, the long-time, oh, so loyal and associate bodyman to the president of the united states. and tony hale joins us at the table. i'm laughing because the whispering stuff that you do is so hilarious. if you were doing it for us, for people who haven't seen you on the show, what would you do? >> you have three kids, right? >> i do. >> i would say if you were meeting norah, if you were celine ashe's an awful person.
8:42 am
i would say she's got a lot of kids, you wouldn't like her. something like that. for charlie, you're from north carolina? he's from north carolina, he went to duke university to give her conversation -- >> she picks it up. >> and random things like -- not your daughter now somebody else, his daughter went to rehab. just like -- so she could like, oh, one time she -- right before she said, how's your wife, i would say you're divorced, and she has to change it. >> mid conversation. >> yeah. >> the relationship between the two is interesting because she is so awful to him. >> she's awful. it's abuse. >> he adores her. >> he doesn't hear it. it's like he's got rose-colored glasses on. it's an abusive relationship, but he bounces back like it never happened. >> for those of white house covered politics, we know this actual relationship exists. that presidents of the united states have body men. phillary clinton has had huma
8:43 am
aberdeen. many on capitol hill have had a close staffer for a long time that helps them manage. did you meet with any of them? >> before the pilot, i met a guy who worked for a famous politician. i learned that he had no life. no life for two years of his life. and then he moved on to other stuff. it wasn't the president. another guy. he had no -- >> what was his name, tony hale? >> i'm going to get in trouble. >> there was one president i know and body man i know, he was having a great life. >> he was? this guy had no social life and no family. my character is in his 40s. he doesn't want to move. on he has no identity outside of selena meyer. >> i picture him living at home with a lot of cats. i'm not knocking cats. >> cat, not dogs. >> i thought you had a cat, gayle -- >> i'm not knocking cats. a lot of cats. he's so devoted. but this is the thing about you -- i'm not late to the tony hale
8:44 am
party. you remember you from "arrested development." do you like playing quirky people? >> yeah, i play emasculated and meek very well. i went through a lot of therapy. >> you're married. you have a young daughter -- >> 10 years old. >> she cracks you up? >> she said the other day, we were in the car, and she said, dad, did you have touchscreen as a kid? i said, no, we didn't have touchscreen. see that said, did you still have a good life? i was like, yeah. >> i did okay. >> what's it like on set? we're cracking up at home watching it. what about on set? >> it's -- i love my show, and i love the people we work with. i think with comedy, if you have entitlement and air began and everybody -- it creates a tense environment. sucks creative energy out. we're a big family. julia sets the tone.
8:45 am
she's so giving and kind and a team player. that makes a massive difference. >> is there a lot of ad-libbing that goes on? >> they give us two weeks of rehearsal before we shoot which is rare for television. the writers work incredibly hard on the scripts, but it gives us space to play and ad-lib and see if it works. i'm grateful. >> it does seem to have ad-libbing. you said in your life that tim conway and jeffrey tambour helped you find your funny. how? >> i grew up on "the carol burnett show." tim won k-- conway never pushed the comedy. i don't know if you remember he walked across stage as an old man. i he s-- he sat in the tension. he just sat in the tension and didn't fish. i think that's fun to do. sit in that awkwardness and watch it. and jeffrey tam bo ur -- when we were "arrested development," he was inspiring to watch. >> some of the best things are your facial expressions.
8:46 am
>> all i do is react, and i'm always horrified. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you very much for being here. and "veep" airs sundays on hbo. next, a look at that all that mattered this week.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ an interesting week, tragic week, sad week. reporters do what they do best. >> listen to the song now -- ♪ >> "what the world needs now is love, sweet love." >> tune in to "the cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight. we'll look back at all that mattered this week. we hope you have a great weekend. ♪ [ sirens ] >> i don't know where my son is.
8:50 am
>> i even heard the clip fall on the floor. [ gunfire ] >> oh, my god! >> i'm thinking, i'm next, i'm dead. >> attacks on any american is an attack on all of us. [ gunfire ] >> the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy. >> i wish i could have saved more. >> did you know your husband was going do this? >> orlando, the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. >> omar mateen walking into the nightclub, launching the attack. >> 44 gunshot victims came into the emergency remember. >> they brought another patient in and another patient in. >> clinton's responses and trump's could not have been more different. >> radical islamic terrorism. >> not once has an adviser of mine said, man, if we really used that phrase, we're going to turn this whole thing around. >> what donald trump is saying is shameful. >> three days into their disney
8:51 am
vacation, disaster struck. >> alligator attacked a child. a father went into the water to wrestle the alligator. >> the father tried to get down and fought valiantly to try to save his son. >> he may have saved lives. he couldn't save his sister. ♪ jimmy page testified he'd never heard of the song "taurus." >> vently misremembering facts. a lot of dogs are having fun. one in this video is overly calm or socially awkward! i want to sit in a yard that is not a national park. ♪ challenging part is to sync up everyone. and to work as a unit. >> three more -- >> what i want for christmas and my birthday. >> a rowing machine? >> yes, i do. now i have to figure out where to put it. >> put it on the other side of the bed.
8:52 am
[ laughter ] >> see how calm she is with this? >> uh-huh. >> all baby chicks pecking our ways out of our shells. >> you have become the guy who is redefining aging. >> i thought that was you. >> me, too. that's what i thought. >> all that -- >> excuse me, miss. i know it's not funny -- >> what was going through your hot that stage? >> don't do anything that's going to embarrass your parents. ♪ and all that matters >> on "cbs this morning." ♪ >> this is an attack on everyone. >> our hearts go out to those affected by this atrocity. >> we will be with you every step of the way. >> love is love is love is love. >> on behalf of the american people, that our hearts are broken, too, and that we stand with you. ♪
8:53 am
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>> good morning everyone, i'm nicole brewer, two teens are in the hospital, one in critical condition, after hit-and-run in the spring garden section of the city. police found the red lexus they say struck the teens, and this happened just off ridge avenue. the driver was taken by police, for breathalyzer, and investigators are questioning a female passenger, as well. the two, 16 year old, were with several other boys and bikes and hit near broad and walnut streets, just before 2:00 this morning. now, let's switch gears, get the forecast for fathers day, katie, how is it looking? >> not looking bad at all, in fact, nicole, beautiful weather going to unfold just in time for the weekends. at the moment, our system that brought the rains yesterday still rotating away off to the south. and as it continues to do so, skies are really starting to brighten up nicely at the
8:56 am
headquarters most everywhere else, even though you may still have just residual shower in spots even at the shore things will start to clear out, also dry out, start to lose the mugginess, and the weekend looks phenominal at the shore, but also, everywhere else. so mid 70s for both saturday and fathers day, sunday at the shore points, also, up in the mountains, too, and get little warmer, in philadelphia, 82 and 84 degrees, apiece, but the bonus here, meisha, is that we keep the low humidity, too, so this is one of those weekends you want to bottle up and stay for the rest of the summer, right? >> perfect, perfect for fathers day, thanks so much, katie. outside, where we had car go off the road, all clear route 30 westbound near business route 30. ninety-five north at street road, you can see, the crews are still out there. pretty much getting overturned vehicle, that was in the grassy area, out of here, i can tell you now the traffic around the area never that bad. might get little gaper delay, overall not that bad, crews are cleaning it up for you, accident overturned
8:57 am
tractor-trailer, off ramp to route 322, that ramp is still closed. new septa schedules, starting on sunday, monday, check the schedules on line. nicole back over to you. >> thanks, that's "eyewitness news" for now, joining us for "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm nicole brewer. have a great day everybody.
8:58 am
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